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February 5, 2019

Cajun's Fair Maiden grown by Carol Rice

It's cold outside and snow has been flying in Lincoln today. It's time to update all of you about where we are on the MVAVC website project.

First, my apologies for the delay in updating the MVAVC website. Between technical issues with my computer and photo editing, a health issue for me, about two months of cardiac rehab, and an end of year work schedule, things fell apart for me after the Tulsa convention.

Over-committed? Yes. Should I be committed? Probably.

With the new year, better health, and a more manageable schedule, I want to get our website back on track for the new year. Please be patient with me in this endeavor. Thank you for your patience thus far, and as always, your ideas, articles, pictures, contributions, etc. to the website are most welcome.

Just email me at Your messages will be sure to reach me there.

Today, you will find the list of show winners from our successful convention in Tulsa this past fall, pictures of the show winners and other great exhibits. In the coming days watch for two articles about the excellent workshops from our AVSA President and our Convention Show Best in Show Winner.

And, you will find lots of pictures.

I am still working on our search engine optimization (SEO) so Google will have our website name come-up first when you search for MVAVC as well as a post on our Facebook page highlighting the updates. Thanks again for your patience and happy growing!


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