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An Unfunny Thing Happened on the Way to Blue Springs

Or why Jill missed the Spring Meeting

Some of you may know that I had some car trouble on the way to Blue Springs for the Spring Meeting. We (my friend and fellow Lincoln AVS violet collector, Karen) started out from Lincoln early that morning. After driving through pouring rain in southeast Nebraska and taking a route that would get us around flooded roads, Karen and I stopped in Auburn, Nebraska for a rest break.

After getting back underway, we heard a loud scraping sound on the roadway -- like metal hitting concrete. SSSZZZZCREEEEEEEEK! "Uh Oh! That doesn't sound good," I said. Suddenly, the left front wheel of my car starting doing this flippy, floppy, back and forth wobble, like there had been a tire blow-out. It wasn't imagination. Something was terribly wrong with my car.

We proceeded to find a safe place to pull off the road, the Dollar General parking lot in the southpart of Auburn, Nebraska, and made a call to AAA. After relatively short wait that Saturday morning, the tow truck driver arrived and diagnosed a broken tie rod.

No Spring Meeting for me or Karen! Rats! The best laid plans . . .

I have many things to be grateful for. The car trouble occurred in town. We had a safe place to pull off the road. No one was hurt. We had well-charged cell phones and AAA. We could text BJ to let him know we wouldn't make it to Blue Springs. The rain tapered off. Karen's husband was able to meet her in Auburn and take her back to Lincoln. I rode to the auto dealership to get my car fixed with the tow truck driver, pick-up a loaner car, and was back in Lincoln later that afternoon. What a day!

My apologies for not being at the Spring meeting to take pictures, to share with you about the website, and be at the Board meeting.

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